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Gelman and Reisman - professional corporation

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Family Lawyer

It is Gelman & Reisman’s mission to keep our fees reasonable and avoid unnecessary court procedures.

General Family Lawyer

The issues that parties can face when entangled in domestic disputes can range from the basic No-Fault Divorce to complex economic litigation. The fact that each domestic dispute is rooted in a prior interpersonal relationship contributes to the difficulties of amicably resolving disputes. Regardless of the sensitivity and complexity of the case, Gelman & Reisman will create a strategy to address and resolve each issue, while walking you through the entire process.

Divorce Lawyer

We have experience in no-fault, abandonment, marital misconduct, and Protection from Abuse (PFA). read more about Divorce Law here.

Support And Alimony Lawyer

Separating from your spouse or partner doesn’t mean you have to bear the entire economic burden. Let us help you obtain the award you deserve. Gelman & Reisman provides representation for Child support, Spousal support, Alimony pendente lite, Permanent Alimony

Custody Lawyer

Addressing custody issues with children can be most challenging, as well as a very emotional time in one’s life. Today, custody issues can involve more parties than just mother and father. Gelman & Reisman can represent you in Primary and Partial Custody, Dependency and CFY placement, Termination of parental rights, Grandparents and Third Party custody rights.

Gelman & Reisman can help

There are several legal strategies that can either eliminate the need for costly litigation or resolve marital disputes.

Adoption Lawyer

Our fees for adoption are the most reasonable in the area and we take a personal interest in assisting families with this wonderful but delicate transition and process.

For more information on family related law, please contact us.